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Sam The Wanderer

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Sam was found on a small island in French Polynesia called Mo’orea

“We were there on vacation for my mom’s birthday and early one morning my dad was sitting down by the water and a little puppy wandered up to him. Sam was just about skin and bones, covered in fleas and ticks, but was as sweet and gentle as ever. We immediately took him to the local vet where he received all the necessary medical treatment, got a nice warm bath, a proper meal, and probably the first cozy night of sleep he’d ever had. Sam got his name once we were saying a bunch of names and he immediately responded to Sam! He was immediately so smart and receptive to training– he learned to respond to his name, to sit, and that going potty was only supposed to happen outside before we even left the island! The vet suspected that he was probably 7-8 weeks old and a wapping 6lbs!”

Adoption process

“Fortunately, the adoption process was easy– he essentially belonged to no one, he was just one of many strays on the island that happened to choose us. In terms of getting him to back to the U.S., we were lucky that French Polynesia does not have rabies, so he wasn’t required to quarantine or to have a rabies vaccine (which he was, at the time, too young for) before traveling. We purchased a new airline ticket for my partner and Sam on an airline that would transfer him, and four days later Sam was on his way to California!”

How did Sam adjust to his new life?

“Sam took about 0.5 seconds to adjust to his new life. He grew up in a house with 5 different roommates, constant friends, and overall a ton of people who loved him unconditionally (probably why he’s obsessed with every person he meets now). Sam is a ball dog to his core, so living in a house full of people, the play never stopped!”

Training Sam was a breeze to train

“It was always very important to us that Sam had good manners and was well trained. We started formal 18-week training with Sam about a week after we brought him home. We started out with the basic three-course PetSmart puppy classes, which he loved! He has always loved learning new tricks and commands. We started off-leash training about a month after we found him– this has always been one of our favorite things to do with Sam! Once we moved to the DC area, we hired a trainer to specifically help training him with loose-leash walking. To this day, we still work with Sam on reaffirming new commands as well as learning new tricks and games!


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