Sherry Burke

Whenever asked, what I do, my gut response is: “I am a pet educator and pet sitter in the D.C. area.”

But what I really want to say is..

I am a cat and dog advocate raising awareness around pet health through a variety of healthy and practical tips - in addition to providing pet sitting services.

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But here is the deal...

I’m Sherry Burke - I left corporate finance after 24 years, not because I did not love what I did but because I love animals more. It took the words of a colleague for me to realize it was time to move on. His words, and I quote “just stand there and look pretty” was when I said to hell with this and at that moment made the decision of starting my own pet sitting business. Best move I ever made.

I have a 24 year background in corporate finance and the pet industry. I have volunteered with rescue organizations, pet sitting jobs on the side, online pet education, enrolled in becoming a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, learning more about how pet products are really made, and what in the hell is in their food. I bring my own perspective on pet health, raising awareness to healthier lifestyle choices for pets to live their best life possible.

I have been self employed for 9 years - operating a successful pet sitting business, 5 star Google/Yelp Pet sitter in Arlington, VA. Pet parents reach out to me for two reasons: 1. Pet Sitting services 2. Pet Tips and product questions. I service over 500 pet parents building a trusting relationship and providing peace of mind.

When I am not helping pet parents you will find me working on digital online courses and developing a healthy, eco-friendly approach to The Marvelous Dog Box™. Brands include West Paws, Earthrated, EarthHero, The Pets Be Well Company, to name a few. I have created five easily customizable Marvelous Dog Boxes based on the individual pet.

This is pretty much my professional story...

Interested in learning more about me?

  • Group 15

    I have been married 3 times...what can I tell you, 3rd time really is a charm

  • Group 16

    The first scary movie I ever watched was Halloween at the age of 12. Scared me for life

  • Group 17

    My first pet I ever owned as an adult was a black Sharpei, named Tai

  • Group 18

    I received my Bachelor’s Degree of Finance when I was 35 (life got right in the way)

  • group1

    I completed my first and last Sprint Triathlon in St. Croix

  • Group 120

    I am a funky purse addict

  • Group 1210

    I have no problem binge eating a package of Oreo cookies

  • Group 132

    I eat plants

  • Group 151

    I am 50 and it’s never too late to do what you are passionate about

  • Group 152

    Road trips are my favorite thing to do as long as it takes me to vineyards, beaches and music festivals, or to a friend’s backyard party

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