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I Never Thought of That!

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  1. Does your pet take medication? A great way to disguise medication is with peanut butter. But confirm the medication can be taken with food and make sure your peanut butter only has peanuts as the ingredient.
  2. Tar on the paw? It’s easy for your pup to step in tar during road construction sites as it seems to splatter onto the sidewalks. Using peanut butter is very effective in removing tar from their paws.
  3. Did your pet step in gum? Use peanut butter. The oil from the peanut butter easily removes the gum. Make sure to wear gloves.
  4. Forgot your gloves? We’ve all had those 6 am, half-awake dog walks in the dead of winter and forgot our gloves. Poop bags will be your saving grace. Use them to cover your hands from the biting cold.
  5. Self-Defense Use the poop-filled bag as a self-defense weapon if you ever feel like you may be in danger. Keep the bag open. People usually avoid someone who is dealing with dog poop, and if they don’t it’s ready to become a projectile.
  6. I keep forgetting to refill the poop bag holder. You can relate right? When you use the last poop bag, take the roll stick and place on top of your key. When you get back inside, hopefully this will remind you to refill the poop bag holder.
  7. Forgot to bring your dog’s water bowl? Use a poop bag as a water bowl.


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