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How To Be A Perfect Cat Owner

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Dogs get a lot of attention,

they’re cute and loyal, but cats 🐈can be some of your most loyal companions too. But let us be clear, cats 🐈are nothing like🐕dogs. They have sharp claws and independent attitudes. But their independence makes their loyalty that much more heartwarming. Cat owners know that feeling when your cat🐈 comes to find you for cuddles. Absolutely heartwarming. Adopting a cat is life-changing. Here are some questions to consider before taking the leap.

Before you commit, do your research. Adopting a pet should never be an impulse

1️⃣ Do you travel ✈ a lot❓ This is even for other pets. It’s not necessarily true that cats are bad travelers, but they feel more comfortable in their own territory. Although many people believe cats 🐈are self-sufficient, it is not ideal to leave them home 🏡alone for more than 1️⃣ night.

2️⃣ Can you afford to hire a pet sitter to come in once a day to care for them if you are traveling❓

3️⃣ Do you have space for them and their litter box❓ Cats conveniently take care of their business inside. No early morning walks here. But litter boxes bring along their own problem including taking up space and sometimes emitting bad smells, cleaning their litter box daily will solve this issue. It’s important to know this comes along with the territory and plan accordingly.

4️⃣ Can you afford the additional expense💲of having a cat? Such as food, treats, litter/litter box, toys, crate❓ Cat’s seem low maintenance but it all adds up. Buying cat food from the drug store is not OK. Please research high-quality cat food.

5️⃣ On the same topic of affordability, can you afford necessary veterinarian care❓ Cats need regular check-ups ⚕ and vaccines. Please note this, CATS MUST SEE THEIR VET JUST as DOGS DO for regular checkups. I often hear from veterinarians that cat owners for some reason do not feel their cat requires checkups as often as dogs. INCORRECT.

6️⃣ Do you have a plan for their claws❓ Declawing is widely considered inhumane. Cats with claws need to scratch. You need to be able to provide scratch posts. If a cat 🐈doesn’t have something to scratch you will see your nice furniture get the brunt of it.

7️⃣ Do you have the time to offer them proper stimulation and play, understanding their behavior❓ Cat’s may not have to go on walks outside, but they need regular play to stay happy😊 and healthy♥

8️⃣ Can you love them❓ Even though they often come across as indifferent, every cat 🐈is just a big love ♥ bug. Before adopting one, make sure you are ready for the time commitment, the cost💲, and the potential of scratched furniture.

9️⃣ Do you have other animals or do you plan to adopt a kitten❓ Socialization as a kitten begins when they are nursing. Hopefully, during this time, they have been exposed to a variety of stimulation such as their siblings, family and friends of the breeder, sounds, smells, surfaces. If you are bringing home a new kitten or adult cat to a home with other animals, please introduce your furry family members slowly. It’s going to take time so please be patient.

As always, do your research, you will not regret it. 😸😀



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