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Are Your Dogs Food Bowls Safe?

  The Healthiest Lifestyle Is The Only Option After a ton of research, I learned a lot about the materials often used in our pet’s food and water bowls to include glass, ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, and copper.  Glass or Ceramic Bowls do not appeal to me because of their weight and the concern of…

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The Best App For Dog Owners

Interview: Jason Hanny from Pet Connect Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Pet Connect co-owner, Jason Hanny. We talked about the inspiration of the Pet Connect App as well as the excitement and continued work going into growing their reach. Pet Connect isn’t just for pet owners, but pet businesses too. Pet Connect…

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Are You Concerned About Your Cat’s Teeth?

A while back I had taken my dog, Sweet Potato, to get a dental cleaning at Pearly White Pets. I wrote an article about it here, Are You Concerned About Your Pet’s Teeth?. I learned they also do dental cleanings for cats. Bernadette explained what that procedure looks like and the unique challenges they face…

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How To Protect Your Dog’s Teeth?

Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning Exercising and eating healthy obviously are important for your pet’s health but proper dental care is extremely important. Unfortunately, dental care is often overlooked in pets. My Interview with Pearly White Pets Recently I met Bernadette Ortiz, a licensed veterinary technician, who works for Pearly White Pets. Pearly White Pets focus…

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How To Be A Perfect Cat Owner

Dogs get a lot of attention, they’re cute and loyal, but cats 🐈can be some of your most loyal companions too. But let us be clear, cats 🐈are nothing like🐕dogs. They have sharp claws and independent attitudes. But their independence makes their loyalty that much more heartwarming. Cat owners know that feeling when your cat🐈…

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