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Is Peanut Butter Safe For My Pet?

Peanut Butter Beware Imagine this, you’re making a delicious PB&J sandwich🥪 in the kitchen when your dog walks over begging for a bit of that peanut-ty wonder. You grab a spoon 🥄and let him lick it clean. Your pup couldn’t look happier, but what you don’t know is that you may be putting their life…

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I Never Thought of That!

⁠ Does your pet take medication? A great way to disguise medication is with peanut butter. But confirm the medication can be taken with food and make sure your peanut butter only has peanuts as the ingredient. Tar on the paw? It’s easy for your pup to step in tar during road construction sites as…

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Are Sticks OK For Dogs?

In my opinion, NO! They can easily get stuck in your dog’s mouth and choke. That simple. Especially dogs with a smaller mouth and/or teeth. Sticks are a choking hazard and they can splinter. Sticks can easily get caught into their mouth or swallow pieces of the stick causing intestinal problems that could require surgery…

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Why Does My Dog Constantly Lick Their Butt?

Our pup’s story about her butt licking and what we learned that may help you and your pup Sweet Potato would lick her butt quite often with the occasional scooting. No changes in her lifestyle other than eating a healthier diet after we adopted her. I started taking Sweet Potato to the vet for monthly…

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Are Your Dogs Food Bowls Safe?

  The Healthiest Lifestyle Is The Only Option After a ton of research, I learned a lot about the materials often used in our pet’s food and water bowls to include glass, ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, and copper.  Glass or Ceramic Bowls do not appeal to me because of their weight and the concern of…

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Protecting Your Dog’s Paws During The Summer

When was the last time you walked on pavement barefoot during hot a$$ temperatures? Your pet’s feel the heat just like we do. If it’s too hot for us, it’s too hot for them. Protect you pup’s paws when walking on hot pavement…PLEASE! Remember when they sweat, they sweat from their paws. As a result,…

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