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Are Sticks OK For Dogs?

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In my opinion, NO!

They can easily get stuck in your dog’s mouth and choke. That simple. Especially dogs with a smaller mouth and/or teeth.

Sticks are a choking hazard and they can splinter. Sticks can easily get caught into their mouth or swallow pieces of the stick causing intestinal problems that could require surgery to remove the foreign body.

And depending on the tree, some sticks could be poisonous.

Sure, they are fun for a dog to fetch and chew on but the cons by far outweigh the pros.

I prefer to bring along one of their favorite toys or a healthy snack to distract them from eating sticks or anything on the ground.

Consistently work on the command “leave it.” The “leave it” command means they are never going to get the “thing.” Make sure you do not say their name and “leave it” together because they may think their name is pepeleaveit(my dog’s name is Pepe).

Only say the command “leave it” and have healthy high value treats or their favorite toy ready to make an exchange for whatever they have put into their mouth.

Play games during your walk but these are games you need to work on inside first to make sure they have mastered what the game is all about. Here are some of my favorite games that are helpful when you need to distract your dog from whatever it is you do not want them to have or to just get their attention away from something else that may get your dog excited.

  • The “Attention” game
  • Name game
  • Magic Hands

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